The Yoga Service Best Practices Project is dedicated to uplifting the field of yoga service by sharing the insights, experiences, and knowledge of leading teachers, researchers, therapists, medical professionals, policy makers, and others working to make yoga and mindfulness practices equally available to all. Launched in 2014 as a joint YSC/Omega initiative, the Best Practices Project has two major components: an Annual Best Practices Symposium, and Annual Best Practices Guide Book.

Annual Best Practices Symposium:

Every year, 25 leaders in particular sectors of the yoga service field gather at Omega for a 5-day series of collaborative brainstorming sessions dedicated to identifying shared “best practices”: that is, norms, standards and practices that support teaching yoga and mindfulness in ways that are safe, effective, inclusive, and supported by experiential- and/or research-based expertise.

Annual Best Practices Guide Book:

Every year, an edited volume is published that integrates the knowledge generated at the Symposium with additional input from a select group of teachers, researchers, and others. Prior to publication, each book is vetted by the full roster of Symposium participants, as well as 3-4 peer reviewers, to ensure its status as a top-quality work that will promote excellence in the field.

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Photo of Little Flower Yoga class in a NYC school © Lynda Shenkman Curtis

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