This series of papers is intended to be a resource for the yoga service community. We encourage you to share them freely, and welcome feedback as well as suggestions for future papers.


Mindful Touch: A Guide to Hands-On Support in Trauma-Sensitive Yoga

by Suzanne E. Jones

The fast-growing field of trauma-informed yoga generally discourages the use of touch in yoga classes, considering it ill-advised and even damaging. This paper presents an alternative view based on 11 years of experience in the field of yoga and mindfulness practices for trauma survivors. It explains how and why safe and supportive touch can be profoundly healing, and an important component of trauma-informed yoga offerings.


The Art of Compassionate Facilitation

by Melody Moore, Ph.D., RYT

As yoga teachers and yoga service providers, we are privileged to have the opportunity to facilitate transformational experiences for those we serve and are served by. With every privilege comes responsibility, and as facilitators, we have a responsibility to our students to ahimsa: to cause no harm. This paper is primarily addressed to yoga teachers interested in developing the skills needed to facilitate group discussion and transformational process in workshop formats that ask for student participation or emotional expression.


Yoga and the Brain: What Neuroscience Can Tell Us

by Linda Graham, MFT

Yoga is a philosophy, a practice, a path. All the evidence or proof that we need of its truth, its effectiveness, is our own deep inner knowing of our own subjective experience. But in the West, in the age of science, can we empirically validate those truths? Are they universal? Do they hold true across cultures, ages, and genders? Neuroscience is cautiously but steadily illuminating how the brain works and how our experiences impact the brain. In this paper Linda Graham shares with us what neuroscience can tell us about yoga.


Creating a Local Yoga Service Network

by Carol Horton, PhD.

Yoga Service Networks (YSNs) bring people interested in yoga service together to learn from, collaborate with, and mutually support one another. This Community Resource Paper is intended for people interested in setting up new YSNs, or developing existing ones further. 


What is Yoga Service?

by Traci Childress & Jennifer Cohen Harper

While yoga and service have long been practiced together, yoga service as a unified field is new and growing. As the field develops, it’s essential to establish a shared understanding of what we mean by the term yoga service. We propose that yoga service is not defined by who is served, but rather by the manner in which the practices are offered.

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