Ashrams for Autism

Organizational Membership

Based in Northern New Jersey

Population Served: individuals with autism and other developmental disabilities

Founded in 2011 by founder Sharon Manner, Ashrams for Autism is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization dedicated to providing yoga in schools and facilities for individuals with autism. Its mission is to empower and guide those with autism toward peacefully achieving their highest potential through yoga.

Ashrams for Autism currently provides yoga programs in ten locations serving participants ranging from children to young adults throughout New Jersey and New York. Since its launch, Ashrams for Autism has taught more than 5,500 yoga classes to 28,000 individuals with autism and other developmental disabilities. A 2012 report from the Center of Disease Control reported that 1 in 41 individuals in NJ are affected by autism.

Ms. Manner created Ashrams for Autism because she has seen first-hand how yoga benefited her daughter and other individuals in the autism community. She firmly believes that using yogic techniques positively affects those on the spectrum; helping them achieve peace within the body and mind and to feel a sense of dignity within themselves. The organization’s long-term vision is to build a facility where individuals can follow a daily routine inspired by the principles of an ashram — a spiritual sanctuary that will promote productivity, confidence and a sense of security for those with autism.

Sharon is also the co-founder Samadhi Sun, a yoga school providing specialized yoga-for-autism teacher trainings to the public.

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