Aqua Kriya Yoga

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san jose ca

Population Served: Arthritis. FML, PD,MS,obese,diabetes,etc..

Yoga Master Iyengar encouraged hatha yoga in the water for students who could no longer practice yoga asana on land. It reduces swelling in LE, is kind to joints and even allows around 30% more range of motion than on land. It increases renal output also and proprioception. Diverse populations and especially seniors can continue, or even begin a conscious practice alongside more able bodied people which fosters community. The hydrostatic pressure also increases the exhale, which is necessary in order to dismantle erroneous breathing patterns associated with pain, depression and bad habits. Balance and gait issues can also safely be addressed in the water and translate to better posture on land. Pre/and rehab can prepare people for surgery and also allow for a faster recovery. /


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