Lineage Project

Organizational Membership

Brooklyn, New York

Population Served: Incarcerated, homeless, and academically vulnerable youth, ages 11-24.

Lineage Project brings mindfulness programs to incarcerated, homeless, and academically vulnerable youth to help them manage stress, build inner strength, and cultivate compassion. We also train youth-serving staff and organizations in the development of mindful and trauma-conscious cultures and practices. What distinguishes our work from others in the rapidly growing mindfulness sector is our organizational focus on working with young people facing inordinate life stressors and our extensive experience sharing these practices inside of New York City’s most complex and overtaxed youth-facing institutional settings. Since 1999, Lineage has delivered mindfulness programs to youth inside secure and non-secure detention centers, alternative-to-incarceration programs, long-term school suspension sites, public schools, and a homeless shelter. Lineage also trains youth-serving professionals to develop trauma-conscious, mindful cultures and practices, in order to promote systemic change and reduce the trauma youth experience in the justice system, schools, and homeless shelters. /


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