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Population Served: Veterans and their families

After our yoga research studies at our Indianapolis Roudebush VA are complete, our veteran participants want to continue their yoga, but classes in the community are generally not right for them. We are delighted and of course want to support them in their continued practice! From this need, YES to Vets was created as a part of our Heartland Yoga Community Not-for-Profit (Yoga Education and Service to Veterans). Since 2014 we’ve held two weekly classes on opposite sides of town, offered at no charge to our active and veteran military personnel and their families. Now we have added an additional evening class. Attendance is good; we have between 8 to 20 students in each class. We provide an experience teaching team of 2-3 at each class. We are thrilled to see and hear the benefits received from yoga, as well as the camaraderie enjoyed by all!

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