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We live in a world of great diversity, complexity and interdependence and also great resistance to change. In these times, we need skilled, impassioned yoga teachers and mentors in all walks of life and across many experiences to help guide our communities, schools and workplaces toward greater understanding and compassion and to actively and skillfully work for change

To ensure greater accessibility to those who believe in this approach to yoga, our teacher trainings, workshops, events and meditation retreats are held at MANY KEY VENUES AND POP-UP LOCATIONS throughout Oakland and the East Bay. Our programs and events are either donation based, or work on a community service sliding pay scale so we can ensure that any serious students committed to our values of diversity and inclusion is able to attend.

Piedmont Yoga promotes a yoga cultures that aims to be inclusive, welcoming, diverse and accessable and we take time and space to listen to eachother. We offer our programs at schools, hospitals, meeting rooms, care homes, community centers, workplaces – all venues where people actually conduct and live their lives.

The most vital essence of Piedmont Yoga is our shared commitment to yoga as a tool for understanding and practicing personal and social change. We believe that our yoga practice belongs “out in the world,” taught rigorously and accessibly by gifted, compassionate, highly experienced teachers, and shared with EVERYONE regardless of ability to pay.

Piedmont Yoga considers itself a learning hub, where we exchange ideas, knowledge and share resources to support the ongoing development of our yoga community. We provide our teachers and teacher trainee graduates with opportunities for peer advice, mentorship and the sharing of experiences as we explore new ways of teaching beyond the walls of a conventional yoga studio.

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