Senses and Stillness Yoga School

Organizational Membership

Sydney and Bali

Population Served: Everyone seeking immersion into wellbeing including special needs groups

Senses and Stillness Yoga was born from the partnership between Dr Vijoleta Braach-Maksvytis, E-RYT500 and former Deputy Chief Scientist of Australia, and I Ketut Sukra from Bali, over 8 years ago. From the beginning, all profits have been donated. Our Integral Yoga is committed to spread the joy of Yoga in all its meanings, through the growing number of ‘like-hearted’ students, retreat participants, and teacher trainees, whose contributions have changed, and continue to change, the lives of Balinese families in disadvantaged areas of Bali, keeping children at school, seeding small business, and helping to foster respect and dignity. /


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