Transformation Yoga Project

Organizational Membership

Greater Philadelphia

Population Served: prisons, juvenile detention centers, recovery facilities, re-entry

At Transformation Yoga Project our mission is to serve at-risk and undeserved populations by providing yoga and mindfulness programs as tools for personal empowerment. Our non-profit organization provides services to: • In-patient and out-patient addiction treatment programs and sober-living houses • The criminal justice system Through the principles of yoga and mindfulness, we teach practical skills for reducing stress and anxiety, healing trauma, and improving overall quality of life for the individuals we serve. Transformation Yoga Project implements its compassionate mission by: • Offering yoga support services through teachers specifically trained in mindfulness-based yoga • Providing trauma-sensitive training workshops for instructors teaching yoga to at-risk populations • Developing programs to address post-traumatic stress disorder [PTSD] • Raising awareness of the needs of the at-risk community throughout the Delaware Valley • Creating communities where participants have access to safe, supportive and healthy mindfulness programs Each program is tailored to the specific needs of the participants and staffed by instructors trained to teach trauma-sensitive yoga. We also provide special training to those working with these populations, including yoga teachers, clinicians, social workers and others who are committed to making a change in the lives of those impacted by trauma. We have active programs running concurrently in numerous facilities throughout the greater Philadelphia area including: • Addiction treatment facilities • Prisons • VA hospitals • Community programs hosted at local yoga studios /


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