Yoga 4 Change

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Jacksonville, Florida

Population Served: Veterans, Incarcerated Individuals, Youth and Those Suffering from Substance Abuse

Our Mission Yoga 4 Change achieves lasting, demonstrative change for veterans, incarcerated individuals, vulnerable youth, and those dealing with substance abuse through a purpose-driven yoga curriculum. Our Vision We envision a future where underserved individuals are healed and empowered to live with hope, self-esteem and confidence through the integration of yoga into their lives. WHAT WE OFFER Structure Yoga 4 Change is built on an established, purpose-driven curriculum that pairs yoga movements with thematic teachings tailored to the physical and emotional needs of each population we serve. Our professionally-trained instructors go directly to the source, introducing yoga and mindfulness as powerful tools for overcoming trauma. Empowerment Our highly-trained instructors are encouraged to assess each situation and teach according to the needs of the individuals in each class. This approach allows us to better connect with the four diverse populations we work with. We believe that empowered instructors create empowered students and lasting change. Results We have implemented Yoga 4 Change in more than 80 facilities throughout five counties since 2014. Participants are able to work through, and release their negative emotions, as they learn to calm mind and body, find inner strength, and master their breathing. Each class includes a therapeutic writing component based on relevant themes, giving participants the ability to document, confront, and openly discuss their feelings. We are a results-driven organization motivated by the change we see in our students. /


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