Yoga Behind Bars

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Seattle, WA

Population Served: Incarcerated Youth, Women, Men

Yoga Behind Bars (YBB) is the only nonprofit in Washington State bringing trauma-informed yoga and meditation to prisons, jails, and detention centers. As the United States faces a nationwide incarceration crisis, we are dedicated to offer opportunities that are just, and focus on healing and rehabilitation. Since 2008, we have equipped thousands of incarcerated men, women, and youth with the physical and mental tools to change their lives from the inside out. We teach many specialized classes including yoga and meditation for: • incarcerated veterans • people with restricted mobility • incarcerated people age 55 and older • people in prison mental health units • incarcerated individuals with cognitive challenges and delays • men in solitary confinement More than 400 people have completed our training since 2008. As a national leader in yoga service work, we offer a 17-hour training program in trauma-informed yoga to address the unique challenges faced by populations impacted by trauma and incarceration. Beyond Washington State, our methodology is being used in Alaska, Colorado, Maine, Nebraska, West Virginia and even Kenya. We are part of a larger movement to reform the American prison culture. We advocate for restorative justice solutions, holistic re-entry services, and the removal of other barriers that prevent formerly incarcerated people to rebuild their lives upon release. In partnership with the state corrections leadership we create new cultural opportunities to change the system from the inside out, including Yoga Teacher Trainings for people in prison. /


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