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“Overcoming Sexual Trauma with Strength, Breath, and Yoga”

About the online course

Module 1: Monday January 27th – Monday February 3rd, 2020
Module 2: Monday February 3rd – Monday February 10th, 2020
Live #1: Tuesday February 11th, 2020 Time: TBD

Module 3: Monday February 10th – Monday February 16th, 2020
Module 4: Monday February 17th – Monday February 24th, 2020
Live #2: Tuesday February 25th, 2020 Time: TBD

With safety as its foundation, with Love for ourselves and our colleagues as our ally, this four week online course is for anyone interested in the contemporary work being done to bring light to, and help rectify the ravages that sexual violence has brought into the lives of millions of people. The entire series will be private to the enrollees, with 3 sessions using online facilitated writing, discussion, and reflection, and 2 sessions live and collaborative via web/video conferencing. This offering is a joint collaboration of the Yoga Service Council and Rebel Breath, and is both co-created and facilitated by Danielle Rousseau, Dani Harris, and Mark Lilly.

Intended Audience

This course, like its subject is for a wide audience. It is for:

  • yoga studio owners who want to continue creating the safest space possible for people to explore yoga
  • yoga instructors who want to refine their teaching and create broader welcoming for people who may have been hurt through sexual violence
  • program directors who want their staff, employees, and volunteers to be more sensitive to clients who have experienced such traumas, and to help their clients by better engendering programs that support their deepest strength and overcoming
  • students of yoga and students of life who may have endured sexual traumas of their own.

It is for everyone to continue building their own well-being in company of others in the context of sharing Universally Inclusive yoga and resilience practices.

Topics to be Shared

  • Safety in the context of yoga/breath/resilience practices
  • Scope of sexual violence and population specific considerations
  • Best practices to support survivors of sexual trauma
  • Practical application of practices
  • Scope of practice and boundaries
  • The importance of self-study as the foundation for any work in this field

Course Format

This course relies heavily on participation via online discussion with instructors and peers. All discussions will have topics related to each module; your facilitators are also the moderators of the discussions.

Additionally, there are two 90-minute live sessions held over video conferencing for sharing, asking questions, and practicing together. You will engage with the material, your peers, and instructors through:

  • Reading and reflecting on contemporary research and best practices
  • Reflections on self-study
  • Discussions
  • Video conferencing with your instructors and peers.


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