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Blog Written by Angela Williams-Jones
As I write this so many thoughts and emotions come to pass. The excitement of being selected for this magnificent journey brought thoughts of worthiness, worry, fear, past experiences, where we all are on our current journeys, what felt resolved, what is still unfolding and a work in progress.
Deciding to leave the outside world behind for a week was quite intense but well worth it in the end. To have twenty classes/workshops covered and/or postponed, trust that my family unit would function well without me (fear) with minimal daily connections, I asked my guides, sold my car, bought a new one, finished up some trainings I was in and hit the road for the land of Omega Institute to which I had never been before.
It was a misty, rainy day and I enjoyed watching the foliage and landscape change for the next two and a half hours. Upon arrival, I was greeted by friendly faces, sacred ground and a shift in energy that was completely inexplicable other than that I was reassured that I was exactly where I was supposed to be. The connection and vibe with the Yoga Service Council was phenomenal. I knew I was needed from the moment we connected and began to introduce ourselves in our first grounding circle. We added items that felt personal and spoke of ourselves to a group alter that would continue to grow and transform as the days and work ensued. Twenty-two phenomenal souls made this pilgrimage to begin the work of BP for Addictions and Recovery. This included individuals and experts from all walks of life from all over the world.
We were initially split into smaller groups, focusing on areas that we were passionate about, had knowledge of and could speak to freely. Each group consisted of a writer and facilitator to allow for free speech, respect and conducive collaboration. After the first day, it became clear that bonds and commonalities that could last a lifetime were being created and kindled. The graciousness of our hosts, their support and encouragement throughout the process was  welcomed and accepted with an immense amount of gratitude.
Although the days were long, the beds were clean, comfortable and private time was made available in between. Each day there was an early morning offering or yoga or other movement modality to help revitalize the team, there was also meditation at the end of the long days.
After forming outlines and slide shows for our first groups, we all began to make the transition to our assigned second groups. Some were placed in new groups altogether and others were connected again within the second groups for the next chapters or breakdown and outline. This transition took a little bit longer as it was a new perspective, a new writer with a different style, and a new facilitator. We soon delved into the work and once again found a newfound level of confidence in our contributions and knowledge. This time, when breaks were in order, I found my way to nature, journaling and learning a lot more about myself. There was a newfound level of reassurance in what I do, what I have to offer the world, my mission, goals and even watched old, unproductive habits fast fade away. There were signs everyday and within every hour that I was exactly where I was supposed to be.
As the final day arrived, once again sitting in our space, reviewing the summaries and slide shows created yet another connection of our full purpose as a collective and we were all filled with gratitude for the process and looking forward to continuing the work once we returned home. There were hugs, tears, and final connections to be had.
Once I made the journey home, I was greeted by huge hugs, a clean home, lots of love and jumped right back in. As each day transitions by I still feel and have the connections with these beautiful souls and now have the benefit of interacting with them everyday. I am truly grateful for this experience and look forward to continuing to share this next transformation and journey with you.  ~ Blog by Angela Williams-Jones


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    Serenity King

    Beautiful, Angela! I really to take some time and invest in this kind of peace and harmony to revive myself. Again, great job!

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