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January 29, 2019

Host: Ann Marie Johnston

In this webinar, Ann Marie Johnston, marketing strategist, yoga teacher and Founder & Director of YogaMate and Yoga Therapeutics App, uncovers the five crucial elements every yoga professional needs to understand and effectively implement to make a sustainable (& impactful) career sharing Yoga. Ann Marie strongly believes that marketing is not a dirty word. And when done well, with integrity and authenticity, can connect you with the exact people who are most desperately in need of the services you have to offer. There is no better time than the start of a new calendar year to be strategic about where you want to take your career!
We will send all who register Ann Marie's one-page Strategic Marketing Plan document which she will use to guide participants through in the webinar and workshop. We look forward to your joining Ann Marie for an engaging discussion and workshop that will leave leave you with a clear vision and dare we say, excited, to execute your marketing in 2019 with confidence. Register HERE.
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