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September 19, 2017

Host: Jasmine Chehrazi

Of course students benefit from different pose, meditation and breathing options, but a teacher blurting out a list of practice variations can be confusing! If not done sensitively, a teacher's cues can also create a hierarchy of options that make some students feel less than included.
How do we decide which practice options to offer and how do we offer them in a way that equally fosters each student's inclusivity and empowerment? We'll explore the best practices of using objective rather than subjective qualifiers in cuing, as well as process-oriented cues rather than goal-oriented cues. This discussion will also examine how to present options sensitive to common physical and psychological conditions. We will learn how to use class time before the practice begins to set guidelines that promote inclusivity and celebrate diverse practice expressions.
If we are to authentically offer our students diverse cues in a way that the options are perceived as equal, we must offer ourselves the same opportunity. Accordingly, this session will provide an opportunity for us to explore how we approach our personal practice, working to leave behind any self-judgment for our own sakes, and our students' too. Register HERE.
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