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July 31, 2018

Host: Marlysa Sullivan

In this webinar Marlysa will discuss polyvagal theory and its convergence with the yoga concept of the gunas. Topics covered will include: the importance of regulation and resilience, autonomic state and neural platforms, gunas of yoga. Each of these will be discussed in the context of their importance for working with populations experiencing stressful or adverse situations, conditions, or circumstances. Learning to regulate the system through the practices of yoga is essential for the yoga therapist and yoga teacher to continue to support their capacity for compassion, empathy and connection with those they teach. In the healthcare field, concepts such as compassion fatigue and burnout are utilized to describe what happens when the healthcare worker is not able to effectively regulate their system. This webinar will include discussions of ways that people have been able to regulate the system, to develop resilience and potential markers of a dysregulated system or impending burnout.
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